International Business Communication

educational service provider for national and international enterprises, institutions
and private clients, as well as the Federal Employment Agency and job centres

Foundation of our Success

  • Quality

    accredited examination centre

    for internationally recognized


    certified lecturers and examiners

  • Flexibility

    customer-focused in content,
    hours and location

  • Innovation


  • Methodology and Didactics

    action-oriented, and related
    to practice

  • Customer Service

    housing, catering, technical

  • Examination Centre

    internationally recognized certifi-
    cates of languages, economics
    and information technology

    naturalisation test

We care for

  • national and international


  • institutions, the Federal Employ-

    ment Agency and job centres

  • private clients
  • adolescents and adults without

    age limit

  • children from 3 years of age

Our Complex Offers

    All Languages of the World
  • target group oriented offers
  • early infantile foreign language


  • tutoring for pupils and students
  • assistance to children in preser-

    ving their native (first) language

  • international language camps

    for children and adolescents

  • certified interpreting

    and translating

    Economics and Information

  • initial vocational training
  • modular advanced training
  • business studies, economics

    and law

  • accounting and controlling
  • management and consulting
  • information technology basics,

    networks, systems and security,

    office and ommercial software

    Human Resource Development and
    Management Training
  • qualification of executives

    and professionals

  • cross-cultural competence training
    Social Affairs
  • training centre for certified


  • training centre for certified

    companions to senior citizens

    Promotion of Integration
  • integration and naturalisation

At home all over the world